Rick Hotton Sensei Open Seminar

Please join us at Tony Hunt’s Karate-Do Seishin Shotokan, April 21-22, 2018, for an in-depth seminar with Rick Hotton Sensei, innovative and internationally respected instructor, founder of Sunday Morning Keiko, a non-exclusive karate and budo community, and chief instructor of West Wind Dojo in Sarasota, FL. See the Sunday Morning Keiko website for links to videos to sample the uniquely integrated philosophy of his karate instruction.

Space is limited, RSVP to reserve your spot! Email huntskarate@gmail.com

This seminar is open to all styles and associations. We’re a Shotokan dojo, and there will be time spent focused on Shotokan techniques and kata, but Rick Sensei’s teaching transcends the bounds of style, connecting to the foundation that underlies all martial arts.

There will be two 2-hour sessions each day. Fee is $100 for the whole seminar or $60 for one day.

See flyer image below for more details about Rick Sensei and the seminar, or visit our Facebook event page.

For information about the dojo, please visit our main web site.


PDF version for easy printing: hotton seminar flyer


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